Research-Intensive Training

Delivering excellence via varied research avenues, trained faculty and innovation

Major Research Areas

  • RF Systems and MEMS
  • Wireless Communication
  • Optical Communication
  • Signal Processing
  • VLSI Devices, Circuit and System
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Ongoing Sponsored Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Agency Year of Sanction Funds Provided

Development and Realization of Accurate Temperature-Dependent Equivalent Circuit models for Multi Layer Graphene Nano Ribbon (MLGNR) Based VLSI Interconnects at Deep Submicron Technology Nodes

Dr. Mayank Kumar/

Dr. Rajesh Khanna



29.46 Lacs

Study of Antenna Parameters

Dr. Rajesh Khanna/

Dr. V P Singh



32.9 Lacs

SMDP for Chips to System Design

Dr. Alpana Agarwal/

Ms. Manu Bansal



1.66 Cr

Low-Complexity Power-Efficient Reconfigurable Implementation of Fractional Order Filters for Weak ECG Nonstationary Biomedical Signal Processing Applications

(Dr. Sanjay Kumar/

Dr. Alpana Agarwal) /

Dr. Ravinder Agarwal




53.95 Lacs

Design and development of the Reconfigurable Plasma Antenna

Dr. Rana Pratap Yadav



28 Lacs

Design and Development of load resilient mock-up ICRH system of Tokamak with variable load

Dr. Rana Pratap Yadav



35 Lacs

Seed Money Ongoing Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Agency Year of Sanction Funds Provided

Development of an Efficient Blind Source Separation Scheme for Natural Images in Soft Computing Network

Dr. Amit Mishra

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology


4.90 Lacs

Design and Development of High Isolated MIMO Antennas for Mobile Handset

Dr. Hari Shankar Singh

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology


4.70 Lacs

Design of Nature Inspired Algorithm for Antenna Array Optimization

Dr. Urvinder Singh

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology


4.40 Lacs

Analysis of Electroencephalogram Signals for Implementation of P300 Based Brain Computer Interface

Dr. Rahul Upadhyay

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology


5.00 Lacs

Development of Perovskite Solar Cells By Spin Coating Method

Dr. Mohit Agarwal

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology


5.00 Lacs

Research Facilities

Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Embedded System Lab, Wireless & Mobile Communication Lab, Antenna Research lab, Videocon Sponsored Advanced Communication lab.

Antenna Research Lab: The Antenna Research Lab (ARL) in ECE department is a state-of-the-art lab with measurement capabilities that exist at only a handful of universities in Northern states. The main objective of this state-of-the-art facility is to support research, analysis, modeling, test and development efforts related to antennas and high frequency electromagnetic systems.

The lab has completed projects worth Rs 84 Lacs and is currently handling projects worth Rs. 61 Lacs. The lab is currently supporting research in the area of RFID Tag antennas, Ultra-Wide Band Antennas, 5G Antennas, RF Absorbers and DRA antennas

The lab provides consultancy services in the area of antenna design and testing, RF measurement in indoor/outdoor environments. Agilent E5071C Network Analyser 9KHz-8.5GHz, Anritsu MJ3691C RF Signal Generator 1GHz-10GHz, Keysight E5063A ENA series Network Analyzer 100KHz-18GHz, Anritsu ML2437A Power Meter 1GHz-10GHz, Agilent EMSCAN RF Expert 100KHZ -1GHz, R&S SMJ100A Vector Signal generator 100KHz-3GHz, Agilent E4411B Spectrum analyser 9KHz-1.5GHz

SMDP (C2SD) Lab: The department has excellent research laboratories (SMDP Chip to System Design) in the area of VLSI Design. VLSI design laboratory with all the modern tools (e.g. CADENCE, SYNOPSYS, Mentor Graphics, XILINX based gate array design & programming tools, etc.) and hardware in the form of servers and good number of workstations for research and coursework.

Wireless Communication Lab: Facility to implement Software defined radio for wireless communication application, set-up of Cognitive radio module for intelligent spectrum sensing in mobile communication.

Videocon Sponsored Advanced Communication Lab: A complete establishment of GSM and CDMA (Transmitter-Receiver) link for testing of data rate, BER, S/N ratio and other parameters in wireless communication.

Embedded System lab: Equipped with the facility of simulation of deep learning algorithms on high computing GPU machines, programming on Raspberry pi and ARM microprocessors, implementation of hardware projects on Arduino microcontrollers and Red Pitaya board.

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