Experiential Learning Centre

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala

Experiential Learning Centre at TIET has conducted different workshops for ECE & ENC students in the first to the fifth semester. These workshops have been conducted under the supervision of faculty & technical staff of the department.

A committee consisting of the following members plans ELC activities:

  • Head of the Department ELC-Coordinator, TIET
  • ELC-Associate Coordinators, TIET
  • ELC Department Coordinator – ECED

Faculty members nominated by the Head of the Department. The experiential activities are designed to have two major components:

1. Hands-on/working experience with industrial-grade equipment to solve an open-ended problem in the particular domain of engineering, preferably on the topics which will be taken up as a detailed course/s in the coming semesters.

2. Engineering Design Challenge  given to the group of students to expose them to self-learning and try attempting a real-world engineering design problem in a given time period.

The trials of the ELC activities are first conducted with a smaller group of students in summer vacations, to check the feasibility. The feedback from all faculty members and students is incorporated to ensure the active participation of the larger student groups.

Conducting the ELC activities: The Head of the department, the ELC-Department Coordinator, and the faculty coordinators schedule the activities. The activity timings are conveyed to the Dean of Academic Affairs to be included in the central timetable of the institute. The students are conveyed the experiential activities timings through e-mail in the institute student groups. The students are divided into smaller groups of 4 to 5. They are provided with the plan for the activity. The instructions and the reading material beforehand are made available through online platforms. The faculty coordinator for the respective ELC activity ensures students make use of the required equipment, tooling, and test equipment during the activity as well as during the completion of the design challenge.

 Student participation, group coordination, and timely completion of the ELC activity is continuously monitored by the subject experts during the activity. The post-activity submission of the design challenge component is also evaluated by the subject experts and some of the best design approaches adopted by the students are discussed in the student groups to ensure reflection by the students on their design approaches as well as to imbibe the culture of accepting the multiplicity of solutions in engineering design challenges by the students.

Self-learning by the students and indulgence in engineering design challenges is ensured by their active participation, inquiries during the discussion sessions, and the quality of the design solutions submitted by the students.

ELC activities conducted during Academic Year 2021-2022


ELC Coordinator (ECED): Prof. Kulbir Singh


Activity Names

Activity Schedule

Faculty In charge

Activity Details

ELC (FM Radio Transmitter)

12 Aug to 27 Aug, 2021


Dr. Rajesh Khanna &

Dr. Surbhi Sharma

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ELC (HDL Implementation of Digital Clock)

25 Aug to 8 Sept 2021 (Every Wednesday)

Dr.Manu Bansal &


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ELC (Image Processing using ANN in python)

29 Nov.2021 to 13 Dec.2021(Every Monday)

Dr, Neeru Jindal &

Dr. Punit Kumar

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ELC (PCB Design)

6:00-6:50 PM (ENC, Online Mode, on December 15, 2021)     5:10-6:00 PM (Offline, on December 22, 2021)

Dr. Anil Arora,

Dr. SudhanshuTyagi &

Dr. Arnab Pattanayak

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ELC (PCB Fabrication)

March 21 2022 (introduction) (implementation ongoing)

Dr. Anil Arora &

Dr. Robin Singla

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ELC (IoT based Systems)

26 April 2022 (Online), 4-5 May 2022 (Offline)

Dr. Hem Dutt Joshi &

Dr. K. S. Sandha

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