Dr. Hem Dutt Joshi

Associate Professor


B. Tech, M.E, Ph.D (ECE)


hemdutt.joshi@thapar.edu, hemdutt@gmail.com


B. Tech, M.E, Ph.D (ECE)


hemdutt.joshi@thapar.edu, hemdutt@gmail.com


Contact No.: 91-8727871864

Google Scholar:https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?hl=en&pli=1&user=Jf5qntsAAAAJ

Scopus: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=53866735200

1.    Research Areas
•    Wireless Communication and Signal Processing
•    OFDM, MIMO system, MIMO-OFDM,  
•    Antenna Designing.

2.    Post-Doc Experience
•    Completed one year Post-Doc at Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland in 2019


3.    Work Experience
•    More than Sixteen Year of Teaching and Research Experience. 
•    Presently, working as Associate Professor at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET), Patiala, in ECE department since June 2013. 
•    Worked as Assistant Professor in Jaypee University of Engineering and Technoloy (JUET), Guna, M.P., from 2006 to 2013
•    Worked as Lecturer in MPCT, Gwalior, M. P., from 2004 to 2006
•    One Year of Industrial Experience as software Engineer Trainee in Associated Infotech Ltd, New Delhi from Nov 2000 to Oct 2001.


4.    Education

•    Ph.D in the year 2012 from Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology (JUET), GUNA, M.P. (Thesis Title: Performance Augmentation of OFDM System” under the Guidance of Prof. Rajiv Saxena, Director, Jaypee                University, Anoopsahar, UP)

•    M.E (CCN) in the year 2004 from M.I.T.S, Gwalior/RGPV, Bhopal. (Thesis Title: Computer Aided Design of Broad band Patch Antenna” under the guidance of Prof. P. K. Singhal, Head, ECE, M.I.T.S., Gwalior)

•    B.Tech (ECE) in the year 1999 from R.K.D.F.I.S.T / Barkatullah University, Bhopal

5.    Membership of Professional Bodies

•    Member IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers).
•    Life Member of IETE (The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi, India) since 2006.


6.    Administrative duties @TIET

•    Coordinator, Capstone Project, ECED.
•    Coordinator, NBA and NAAC accreditation committee of ECED.
•    PG Coordinator (Aug 2016 to Aug 2018), ECED, TIET
•    Program Coordinator (ME-WC, 2014 to 2016), ECED, TIET.
•    Member, Department Planning and Policy Committee (DPPC, ECED) (2016).
•    Member, Department Academic Affairs Committee (Sep, 2016 to Aug 2018).
•    Member, ABET accreditation Committee of ECED, TIET
•    Warden Hostel-B from 2014 to 2017.


7.    Other Achievements

•    Qualified GATE in 2000 and CCNA in 2006.
•    Have supervised fifteen (15) M.E Thesis and currently supervising two M.E Thesis.
•    Supervised two PhD Thesis.
•    Currently supervising two PhD students.
•    Have supervised more than Twenty B.Tech Final Year Projects.


8.    Research Project

•    Software Defined Radio (SDR) Implementation of Window Based OFDM System for Various Wireless Applications with Improved Performance, funded by Thapar University, Patiala.

•    Project Coordinator of Erasmus + KA1 – International Mobility Program. Thapar Institute received a financial grant under Erasmus + KA1 – International Mobility Program with Politecnico di Milano, Italy as a partner institute. 

9.    Short Term Programs / Workshops Attended

•    Attended Workshop on “Spread Spectrum Techniques and CDMA” Held at JIIT Noida On December 14, 2008.
•    Attended one week IUCEE workshop on Digital Communication in year 2011 at JUET Guna.
•    Delivered a Lecture on OFDM System and its Simulation in the workshop on Signal and Image processing held in June 2010 at JUET, Guna.
•    Attended a workshop entitled ‘New Direction Program’ on Teaching and Learning organized by Trinity college of Dublin, Ireland at Thapar University, Patiala.


10.    Subject Taught
Electrical Sciences, Electronics devices and circuit theory (EDC), Analog Electronics, Computer Networks, Digital Communication, Antenna and Wave Theory, Analog and Digital Communication, ATM, Mobile Communication, Circuit Analysis and synthesis.


11.      List of Publications 

International Journal
[1]    D Singh, A Kumar, Hem Dutt Joshi, M Magarini, R Saxena, “Symbol Error Rate Analysis of OFDM System with CFO Over TWDP Fading Channel”, Wireless Personal Communications vol. 109 no. 4, pp: 2187-2198, Dec 2019.
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International Conferences

[1]    S Kalsotra, A Kumar, H D Joshi, AK Singh, K Dev, M Magarini, “Impact of Pulse Shaping Design on OOB Emission and Error Probability of GFDM”, 2019 IEEE 2nd 5G World Forum (5GWF), 226-231

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National Conferences
[1]    Hem Dutt Joshi, Rajesh Kr Vishwakarma K.K Verma and Sanjay Tiwari, “Design of 
Rectangular patch antenna with u-slot,” National Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Instrumentation & communication Engineering (ETEIC-2012), jointly Organized by Anand Engineering College, Agra & IETE (India)  Aligarh, 6-7, April, 2012.

[2]    Hem Dutt Joshi and Rajiv Saxena “Effect of Doppler Spreading in Un-Coded OFDM Systems”, National Conference on Education & Research (ConFR10), Third CSI National Conference of CSI Division V, Region III, Bhopal Chapter, IEEE Bombay, and MPCST Bhopal, organized by JUET Guna, 6-7 Mar 2010.

[3]    H. D. Joshi and A. K. Singh, “Design and Analysis of Truncated Square with Electromagnetically Coupled Circular Patch Antenna,”  National Conference on Communication Systems & Networking In association with IETE Gwalior Chapter, 15-16 March, 2008.